Top 17 Things Snapchat Needs To Do in 2017 Tweet

There are very few non celebrity tweets that go viral these days but this was one of them. All 17 of these ideas are pretty good:

Here they are in text:

1. Notifications if you’re about to lose a streak
2. Individual notification sounds for Snapchat friends
3. Live streaming
4. Group video calling
5. Filter that shows what music you are listening to
6. Do not disturb (individuals or all)
7. Notifications when certain people put something on their story
8. Live Photos support
9. Hands free/timer mode
10. Eye dropper tool to type or draw in colors from your picture
11. Different sizes of drawing tool
12. Save colors you make on the draw tool to a palette
13. Automatic montage sent to you New Year’s Eve of everything you posted for the year
14. Separate page for Discover
15. Recommend new people in the Discover tab frequently
16. Ability to save at least one lens filter so it doesn’t disappear randomly
17. Best friends lis revival

What do you think? Which ones out of these 17 do you want to see?

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