$5000 DegreeExplore Snapchat Ad – Is it Real?

If you have watched any Snapchat videos or Discover stories in the last several weeks you have likely seen the add for “$5000 to go to school” through DegreeExplore. So, is this real? Can you legitimately get $5k to go to college or university?

By swiping up, you will find that you have to fill out a survey with information such as your major, your zip code, your highest level of education, the year you graduated high school and if you are currently in school. Interestingly, after you complete the survey, it sends you to an information page which is findmyedudegree.com. This page has Google Ads that are very attractive to those looking to borrow money for college. The article simply states there is FAFSA money available for anyone that wants to go to college.

This is all information that can be obtained by doing a little bit of research through Google. It is likely the case that the owner of the website is looking to generate some extra traffic through Snapchat which would allow them to make advertising money from the ads.

Did you click through to see if you could get $5000 in cash? Did you learn something from the informational article? Did you figure out a way in which you can go to college?

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