Admin on Loren Gray’s Snapchat Story

Millions of people are asking, who is the admin on Loren Gray’s Snapchat Story. We will try to update it here so you can follow all her friends that are admin on her Snapchat account:

March 25th and 26th, 2020

With the coronavirus keeping most people inside with the quarantine or shelter in place (especially California), a lot of these TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat stars are having a field day sharing their accounts and letting others be admins. Here is who has been the admin on Loren Gray’s Snapchat story recently:

Tana Mongeau

People are going to ask who the blonde with the long nails and the green hoodie or sweater is on Loren Gray’s Snapchat story. This is YouTube star Tana Mongeau.

Not Sure

We are not sure who the brunette who was dancing in jogging pants was. If you know, comment below.

There is another brunette admin on Loren Gray’s story dancing around. Do you know who this is? Comment below.

Sebastian Topete

Sebastian Topete has often been the admin of Loren Gray’s Snapchat story. He loves to use the baby filter.

Brooke Kier

You will often see Brooke Kier in full makeup as Loren Gray’s admin.

Blake Gray

You’ll see Blake Gray dancing around using none other than the “admin filter” as the admin of Loren Gray’s Snapchat story.

Lydia (macelydia127)

We are not sure who this is other than Lydia. Maybe a vsco star?

Tati McQuay

One of Loren’s bestie’s Tati McQuay.

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Lydia is from lorens hometown, her other main bestie besides brooke kier. Lydias been lorens best friend since diaper days