Alternatives to Tinder for College Student Dating Apps

Dating is very different today than what it once was. There are many new terms involved when seeing someone, and titles can become tricky. Is there really a difference between talking to someone and dating someone? Is seeing someone the same as talking to someone? How do you even find someone to get to the point of talking to them or seeing them? Tinder is always a great go-to, but are their other options?

Yes, tinder is a great way to instantly judge people based on pictures and to see if someone you think is cute thinks you’re cute as well. There are many other apps similar to tinder, like Bumble, Grinder, fishbowl, and hot or not. But do they really work?

One top rated dating app is called Down, and it uses your Facebook profile to connect you with people you are already friends with on Facebook. The upside to this site is that you know that the people you are swiping have less of a chance to catfish you, it is people you chose to be friends with on Facebook, and some of those cuties you may have friended may be interested in you, too!

Snapchat is another option that can be used as a dating app. Meeting someone quickly and adding them on snap is a quick and easy way to start getting to know someone. Having the ability to snap back and forth adds more to a conversation than just texting, because you can see facial expressions on snapchat. It’s an easy way to send a flirty and potentially risky message without having to worry, because it disappears soon after!

Dating for college students may have become more difficult than what it once was, but there are plenty of apps and ways to meet and date new people.

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Tinder alternative hookup
Tinder alternative hookup

Now-a-days, it is difficult to have serious relationship in campus, more people preferring to hookup and one-night stand now. Meanwhile, so many apps provide the shortcut for students to find without going to anywhere and ONLY taking more time.