Analyzing Search Traffic with Google Analytics

This is part 8 of an 11 part series on How to Build a Website That Makes Money.

This is one of the most important steps to becoming a successful webmaster. If you don’t know where the traffic is coming from you cannot continue to build traffic. In my opinion, Google Search traffic is the most important because these are Internet users with the intent to buy. They are looking for something so they are going to purchase from you or click on an advertisement. Social media traffic is not searching for something in specific therefore it is much harder to get them to purchase or click an ad.

Google Analytics can be very complex. You can find all you want to know about Google organic search traffic in Analytics at the link. I won’t go into detail in this article but I will say that it is extremely important to know how to find what pages on your website are getting the most search traffic. This will help you decide what content to expand and what content to scrap or simmer.

There is no point in writing 200 articles on a topic in which no one is searching. If you don’t access Google Analytics you may be missing out on a great opportunity to get thousands of searches while you are writing content that no one searches. A perfect case study is one of my Snapchat articles. About two years ago one of my writers wrote an article about how Snapchat creates relationship drama. As soon as the article was published it started to get search traffic. I quickly published another article on Snapchat and that too received quite a bit of search traffic. Fast forward to today and I am receiving over 2500 searches a day for Snapchat related keywords.

If I had continued to write articles on Yik Yak or Beme I would have never noticed that other articles were getting more traffic. I have created a 50 search minimum in the first few days to continue to expand on a subject. If an article does not get 50 searches in the first two or three days it is published there is no reason to continue to write on the topic. That said, you know your industry and subject matter best. Maybe the searches will start coming in in a few months and you want to get ahead while tons of great content. That is for you to decide.

All that being said, use Google Analytics daily. Heck, I check my real time searches just to see if anything big is hitting at that particular moment. That has helped me get quite a bit of search traffic as well. If you need help with Google Analytics just search my website and you will find some great articles related to this topic.

Now it is time to start getting natural links to your website.

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