Balenciaga in Pop Culture and Social Media

Whether you are scrolling through TikTok and hear “About Damn Time” by Lizzo or are on Instagram and see the Kardashians or Jenners wearing their latest fashion shoes, you have heard of Balenciaga. Unfortunately, a large portion of Americans will never be able to afford Balenciaga shoes, shirts or clothing. The shoes can be as much as $1200 and a white tshirt can be around $250. With this being the case, it is often the case that common American consumers search for Balenciaga Outlet Locations.

While hearing all about these expensive clothes on social media, especially TikTok, younger consumers are feeling FOMO (fear of missing out) and they are willing to spend quite a bit of money to look popular amongst their friends and on social media. Rather than paying full price for the shoes that look like they have been run over by a lawn mower, it might be a good idea to consider thrifting or finding outlet locations to pay much lower prices.

While Balenciaga is super hot on TikTok and social media right now, it is rivaled by none other than Lululemon. Balenciaga seems to be more of the valley girl or city girl that wants to show off her fashion. Lululemon is the more athletic girl that wants to show off that booty she worked so hard for. While Lululemon is not nearly as expensive as Balenciaga, it is still pricey. Most Lululemon leggings are around $120 a pair. If you want the full Lululemon outfit, you will likely pay around $300. This is another retailer in which people are looking for Lululemon Outlet Locations.

Do not expect to see fashion trends not being influenced by social media anytime soon. Rather than reading Cosmo or watching celebrity gossip shows, teenagers and college students are looking at TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat all day. They aren’t making it a point to watch their favorite celebrity gossip show at 7:30 pm. Instead, they are getting their “tea” or gossip on YouTube.

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