Bank of America Credit Card Snapchat Face Filter

Snapchat is going all in with their face filters, or lenses. On Black Friday, Snapchat users saw face filters to shop at Kohl’s, for the new Star Wars video game and to get a travel rewards credit card from Bank of America. With businesses, brands and users now able to share links on Snapchat, it comes as no surprise that we are seeing promotions almost every single day. Here is what the Bank of America Credit Card Snapchat filter looks like:

Basically, this is a way for credit card companies to get in front of high school and college students. Note that credit card companies would always have booths or tables in the middle of a college campus every single fall and spring. Now, instead of having to pay an employee to go plug a credit card and a free t-shirt, they can do it all on Snapchat.

Note that it does not come cheap to advertise on Snapchat. That said, it is well worth it for these companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Visa or Mastercard. They know that once a college student signs up for a credit card, they basically have them for the next 20 years or for life.

Remember that companies cannot see the referral traffic from Snapchat through Google Analytics but we are positive Snapchat is giving them the data in terms of how many people clicked to the website from the face filter or lens.

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