Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for the 2014 College Football Season

Twitter is awesome when it comes to live updates. Just the other day Darren Rovell tweeted that over 50% of live news updates are from sporting events. Twitter is truly a sports beast. If you don’t think so, just check out the trending hashtags during any Saturday in the fall. Instead of having to scour through all the random Twitter accounts and personal opinions when searching Twitter I am going to list the best Twitter accounts to follow for the 2014 college football season.

Please note that this list is not a list of the most popular or most well known individuals. In fact, some of these Twitter accounts will be unknown but they are true diamonds in the rough. Without further ado:

@darrenrovell – Darren Rovell – I can remember when Darren was on CNBC as the “entertainment and sports analyst”. ESPN grabbed him shortly after he became extremely popular on Twitter. While I don’t think a Twitter following necessarily proves value it does in Darren’s case. One of the best things he does is to ask for “headlines” as soon as a game ends or an event happens. He chooses the best three or four headlines and retweets them while giving credit to the person that came up with the headline. He also does a good job of creating polls on Twitter.

@GreggDoyelCBS – Gregg Doyel – Anyone that has watched college football for more than one weekend knows the trustworthiness of Gregg Doyal. When Doyal reports news on Twitter you can be rest assured it is true. He does a great job of breaking SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and ACC news. If you love southern football Doyal is someone you need to keep up with as he will report from the heart of college football.

@LSUCoachMiles – Les Miles – Ole Les. You’ve gotta give it to him. He tries. His rendition of the Harlem Shake wasn’t enough so now he has entered the #IceBucketChallenge. The greatest thing about the Les Miles Twitter account is that he “signs” every single Tweet with LM as if we don’t know who it is. He will have some classic moments during the 2014 college football season so don’t miss them on Twitter.

@thebiglead – The Big Lead – If you want the dirt on anything that will happen this fall The Big Lead is the place to start. They will have plenty on the Notre Dame academic scandal, anything to do with Jameis Winston and the coaching carousel that is sure to start in late October and into November. Think of Deadspin but a little more focused on college sports and athletics in general.

@ESPN_Colin – Colin Cowherd – This man does not need any introduction. I have been listening to Uncle Colin for almost seven years now and he gets better with time. You will never have to worry about not getting his true opinion. While I would strongly suggest listening to The Herd on ESPN Radio from 10 am to 1 pm during the week, his Twitter account can be a supplement to some of the things he mentions on the show. He also hates Facebook which is a plus in my book. For more on Uncle Colin, check out his UVA Rant and Phyllis blasting him.

@awfulannouncing – Awful Announcing – This Twitter account is not focused on college football but you can be rest assured there will be Vines, YouTubes and photos of Verne, Gary, Lou and the other announcers that give us gems every Saturday. With more and more conference networks and smaller sports focused channels popping up every single year there will be a plethora of awful announcing.

@SportsBizMiss – Kristi Dosh – She authored the book Saturday Millionaires: How Winning Football Builds Winning Colleges. That is all you need to know. She also works for Campus Insiders to provide an inside analysis of the money behind college football. Most of us that have been watching college football for decades know just how important the money behind a program can be. If you want to know more about the cash that is flowing into a university from the college football program check out Kristi’s tweets.

@PigskinNerd – Pigskin Nerd – This is a new Twitter account, as of 2014, but it is one to keep an eye on. David Sheffield runs Pigskin Nerd and he is a complete stat geek. Check out his post on his post on college football wins vs gross state product. During the year he will have plenty of other studies that explain why certain events are more or less likely to happen during the season. Hint: he is an LSU alum. That said, he definitely is unbiased as he recently published a post explaining the power of the PAC12 in 2014.

@finebaum – Paul Finebaum – Finebaum is synonymous with college football. This is a man that was raised in the north, went to the University of Tennessee and then spent over two decades in the state of Alabama simply consuming the culture. He will often go on the Herd with Colin Cowherd to discuss how the SEC culture is just a little bit different than other parts of the United States. It is very interesting to listen to the callers of the Finebaum show. Check it out on the new SEC Network.

@AthlonSports – Athlon Sports – College football fans know the brand Athlon. At a young age I would anxiously wait for the regional Athlon magazines to come out. I even followed a lot of recruiting through the magazines when I was a young boy. You will get plenty of college football information from the Athlon Sports account. When it is not college football season you will also get some college basketball and college baseball news as well.


@Reddit_CFB – Reddit College Football – I generally do not like Twitter accounts that simply retweet links. That said, Reddit College Football is awesome. Some of the best content on the web starts its virality on Reddit. It is a rabbit hole if you actually start looking at other parts of Reddit. I would discourage you from looking at some of the NSFW subreddits unless you are a single man and your browser history is not check. You were forewarned! Check out r/CFB and you will thank me later. The Twitter account is pretty good as well.

@VerneLundquist_ – Drunk Uncle Verne – SEC fans have had to deal with Uncle Verne for decades. Those golf lovers that happen to be SEC fans get to consume two different sides of Verne. Well, not really. Verne always has a “special” moment in every broadcast. True college football fans know exactly what I mean. It will be fun to listen to Verne and Gary this fall. If you truly want to get the most of your Saturdays check out the Verne Lundquist drinking game. That always leads to a fun afternoon.

You can also follow me on Twitter @JesseWojdylo. I will tweet college football updates during Saturday but I will also tweet other random stuff during the week so you might just want to throw me in a Twitter list rather than following all my crazy Chapel Hill adventures and trips to Vegas or Charleston.

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