Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Humor and Entertainment

Twitter is a great place for news and casual interactions, but it’s also a great place to have a good laugh. If you’re in need of a little comedy to spice up your timeline, I’m here to help. Here’s a list of some of my favorite funny accounts on Twitter:

Good old-fashioned comedy AKA funny people saying funny things:

@robdelaney – In my humble opinion, comedian Rob Delaney is the funniest person on Twitter. I literally have a painting of one of his tweets hanging on my wall. It says, “Punish my little biscuit.” I think it’s hysterical. He even won an award for being the funniest person on the website. Follow him for just one day. You’ll see why he won the award. (BONUS: He’s also open about his past struggles with mental illness and alcoholism. He’s just the coolest guy in every way.)


@louisck – Louis CK is my favorite comedian, and in news that should surprise no one, he’s also quite funny on Twitter. He frequently posts scenes from his show, “Louie,” and for those alone he’s worth a follow.


@anylaurie16 – Laurie Kilmartin found Twitter fame when she live-tweeted her father’s last dying days. Her tweets are smart, honest and often poignant. They’re also funny. So there’s that.

@boburnham – Very funny and almost always relevant to today’s pop culture. Bo Burnham is a breath of fresh air.


@robfee – Here’s another witty dude who makes jokes about what’s happening in the world.


@ChelseaVPeretti – I’m a huge fan of Chelsea Peretti. She’s probably the best thing about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and her Twitter account is equally brilliant.


@JoshGroban – Josh Groban is more than just a phenomenal singer. As his tweets prove, he’s also a genuinely funny guy.


Weird humor:

@coffee_dad – He’s just a dad who loves his coffee. I don’t know how an account that literally only tweets about making coffee, buying coffee, drinking coffee and loving coffee can be hilarious, but this one finds a way. BONUS: Sometimes you’ll catch a random dark tweet, hinting at Coffee Dad’s sad past. Those are funny too, and trying to figure out exactly what tragedy happened to Coffee Dad is more fun than it should be.


@WeirdHorse – It really doesn’t get weirder than this. Weird Horse tweets completely random, sidesplitting stuff. There’s no way to describe it. You’ve got to see it for yourself.


@SexCarl – I have no idea what the deal with this account is, and that’s what makes it one of the funniest accounts on Twitter.


@DRUNKHULK – Priceless random ramblings, always typed in all caps. I don’t really understand this account either, but again, that’s part of what makes it funny.


@PornComnents – Stock photos paired with actual comments from porn videos. This account is hilarious… and a little gross. So, basically, flawless comedy.


@NoPoliceman – Not A Cop describes himself as a “17 year old YOLOer,” whose pastimes include: “buying and selling drugs and related paraphernalia, using drugs as well.” This account is consistently ludicrous and hilarious.


Smart humor & satire:

@TheOnion – You’re probably already familiar with The Onion’s special brand of satire and sharp social commentary, and that’s because it rocks. The Twitter account is the perfect way to never miss another article.


@GOPTeens – Hands down one of the funniest satirical accounts on Twitter. If you’re genuinely ultra conservative or you’re liberal and can’t laugh, you might not like this account. Otherwise, it’s a goldmine of laughter.


@WorstMuse – Writers will love this account that features bad literary ideas that, unfortunately, we’ve probably all had at some point.


@WhatTaylorDoes – This is another of my personal favorites. I like to think that Taylor Swift truly does these things. (Let’s be honest, she probably does. God, I adore Taylor Swift.)


@FakeAPStylebook – If you happen to be a journalism geek like me, you’ll love this Fake AP Stylebook’s ridiculous new style rules.


Film & television humor:

@SeinfeldToday – If “Seinfeld” were on today, it would look a little like this account. Clever, modern and true to the show!


@Seinfeld2000 – This account is a mixture of parody and undying love for “Seinfeld.” It’s also outrageously strange in all the best ways.


@SimpsonsQOTD – Exactly what it sounds like. A “Simpsons” quote and screenshot for every day. We all need this in our lives.


@NextOnMadMen – If you’re a “Mad Men” fan then you’ll understand the genius way that this account pokes fun at the drama of a show where nothing seems to ever happen.


@BadNetflixRecs – Carefully constructed terrible Netflix recommendations. This account entertains me on a daily basis.


Did I miss any great comical accounts that deserve a spot on the list? You can email me at or find me on Twitter @SkyyTweet!

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I might not be commercial… but I should be on this list lol… @Cali4rnication cant have enough self promotion.