Bitmoji Dancing with a Snowman on Snapchat Map

In 2018, Snapchat has updated their “Christmas Snapchat Map” on December 20th, 2018. This year, we are seeing snowmen, Christmas trees and snow. We have yet to spot candy canes which were part of the Christmas Snapchat Map last year. The only major difference is Bitmojis are now dancing with or standing with some of the snowmen. It looks like this:

We are not certain how you can dance or stand beside the snowmen on the Snapchat Map. Have you seen your Bitmoji doing this? Do you know how you can show up on the Snapchat Map with a snowman beside your Bitmoji?

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Jessica Newbury
Jessica Newbury

I think it’s when your with friends and they aren’t friend with you on Snapchat but it shows up, what do you think?


I’ve only seen bitmojis in groups do it. My sister and i were at the same spot so we got a snowman. My friends who are triplets were in the same spot so they got one too.