Why Blab is Dead on Arrival – Too Many Marketing Experts

Just last week two of my friends that love sports told me I need to get on Blab. One of these friends told me it would be like going to a sports bar, sitting down and seeing someone with a Patriots jersey on. If you were a Patriots fan there is a good chance you would strike up a conversation with him. As soon as I heard this I was excited to see what Blab had to offer. Spontaneous sports and entertainment conversation is one of the reasons Facebook and Twitter got so big. Unfortunately, Blab has already been taken over by the marketing and social media experts.

The quickest way to determine if a social media app is going to get off the ground is to see what type of content is being shared and discussed. The second time I logged into Blab there were five live Blabs of which four were related to online marketing. This is the reason Google Plus died, why Ello never got off the ground and why Blab is dead on arrival. Case in point, I went to the Blab desktop version and this is what I immediately saw:


I know these “experts” do not mean any harm but they are actually like roaches. I was excited to tell some of my golf and sports buddies to download Blab for their iPhone but there is no way I will do so now. The two friends that turned me on to Blab, mentioned at the beginning of this article, said that I could adjust my areas of interest or topics that will show up. Unfortunately for Blab, almost no one is going to do that. They are going to download the app, see “everyone” talking about the 10 ways to grow an online audience and immediately leave. They will never come back.

The idea of Blab is fantastic. I truly think a spontaneous conversation app with live video has a chance to be very successful. That said, the company that creates this app needs to promote entertaining individuals not marketers. Marketers are not entertaining. At all. In fact, they are extremely boring. They talk about the same thing over and over and seem to never get anywhere.

Blab should promote people that have no desire to promote themselves as experts. In my opinion, Blab should promote those talking about the upcoming college football season or the latest awards show. Why not promote people that are planning on taking fun trips during Labor Day weekend. No one wants to see the eight ways to get better engagement on social media. Everyone wants to see the Ferrari owner that takes his new 488 GTB for a spin on the local racetrack.

In my eyes, Blab is already dead because marketers have sucked the life out of it. If Blab changes course and starts to promote athletes, celebrities and interesting people it has a chance. Until then, you will find me enjoying life, oh, I don’t know, in the real world. Carry on.


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