How to Bowl a Strike on Snapchat Bowling

When it comes to Snapchat Bowling, millions of users are challenging their friends. Much like the pool game that was available on Apple Texting a year ago, this will likely be a fad, but it is popular now. So, how can you bowl a strike over and over again on Snapchat Bowling. The easiest way is to catch the arrow on the exact middle of the range to get the ball to go straight.

Remember, bowling is a game in which you can spin the ball and get it to hit the front pin at an angle. At this point, it does not look like you can spin the ball on Snapchat Bowling. If we figure out how to do this, we will be sure to update this post. Have you been able to spin the ball on Snapchat Bowling? Have you been able to get five strikes in a row and accumulate the highest possible score? What is your highest score?

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