Should I Break Up with My Boyfriend if He Cheats on Snapchat?

Snapchat is the cheater’s app. There is no question about it. No matter what someone says, the app was built for secrecy and getting away with inappropriate actions that would not be acceptable through text, email, Facebook or on Instagram. Knowing a text, picture or video will disappear after it is read or looked at means it is much easier to share something that is not exactly accepted by a girlfriend or significant other.

If you have a boyfriend that has been shady and has cheated on Snapchat you are likely thinking about breaking up with him. Should you? This is a tough question to answer because there is no black and white rule that states that sending a picture, text or video on Snapchat is cheating. In fact, you may not even know exactly what he sent.

Before you decide to break up with your boyfriend, you have to consider the circumstance. Was he really cheating or just talking to another girl or one of your friends? Is he the type of guy that is going to cheat on you or is he completely faithful and willing to pass up physical opportunities with other girls? Is he constantly checking Snapchat and seeing what other girls are doing while he is with you?

You have to decide what type of guy you are dating before making any rash judgements. Hopefully, you chose a good guy that is going to be faithful to you even when other girls are sending him sexy pictures. If he is truly an amazing boyfriend, he will allow you to look at his Snapchat as he should have nothing to hide. That said, there are many people that feel as if you should never look at another person’s iPhone or phone.

You need to set boundaries. If he goes beyond those boundaries and continues to use Snapchat late at night to talk to girls you have every right to break up with him. You do not have to lose sleep at night wondering why his Snapchat score is going up so much yet he is supposed to be asleep. There is nothing worse than that terrible feeling in your stomach because you think something is wrong.

Remember, your intuition is usually correct. If you wake up sick to your stomach it is likely a good time to break up with him and move on to a much better and more mature guy.

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