Should I Break Up with My Girlfriend if She Cheats on Snapchat?

If you girlfriend is always on her phone and checking her Snapchat messages privately, you might be concerned she is cheating on you. Many high school and college guys have contacted us saying their gf is always on Snapchat looking at something. They often do not know what because they do not want to accuse their wonderful girlfriend of cheating on them.

That said, their Snapchat score always goes up late at night yet they are not Snapchatting their boyfriend. They always turn their phone over on the able so no one can see the notifications of the Snapchats or texts that are coming in. There are several warning signs but no hard evidence they are cheating.

If a girl sends sexy pictures on Snapchat is it even cheating? They aren’t actually with the other person. It is not like they are kissing them or making out with them. Before going down this mental road, it is a very good idea to set boundaries. Let your girlfriend know what is comfortable for you. If you don’t like the fact that she hides things, you need to have an adult conversation about it.

If she refuses to stop texting and Snapchatting other guys you would be best to move on. There are plenty of faithful girls that will be more than willing to be exclusive to you. If you have set boundaries and she goes beyond them, you need to stand your ground. That may mean breaking up with them because they are not being a good girlfriend.

Each situation is different, but if you let girls walk all over you and Snapchat other guys you are going to have a very difficult relationship. You will likely wake up sick to your stomach because you think something is wrong. If you wake up with this feeling, there is something wrong. Remember that you intuition is usually correct. Try not to place blame on your girlfriend but if there are warning signs, something bad is usually happening.

Feel free to comment with your story so we can help you through this difficult time.

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