Brussels Life Snapchat Story on June 11th, 2015

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I did a little research and found that Brussels, Belgium is going to be the Snapchat Story on June 11th, 2015. I am very uneducated when it comes to this part of the world. All I know is that beer and chocolate are a big part of the culture. After a little bit of research I found out that Brussels Old Town is the “cool” place to be and European Union headquarters are in Brussels. What else can we expect to see during this Snapchat Story? If you are from Brussels do you plan to try to submit your own video to the Snapchat Story?

Later today I will post some of the screenshots from this particular Snapchat Story. Here are the photos from the Snapchat Story for Brussels:

brussels-snapchat-atomium brussels-location-snapchat-story brussels-dog-snapchat-story brussels-sunset-snapchat-story brussels-night-snapchat-story brussels-life-snapchat-story brussels-chocolate

The Atomium was really cool and of course the Snapchat team has to tease us with chocolate on top of waffles. How awesome does that look?

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Hello! Is there any option to see, recover or receive by mail the snapchat video of Brussels? I really loved it and I was told that it had appeared later enough, so I couldn’t “download” or record it…