Can You Buy an Instagram Account with Lots of Followers?

I was recently researching the best anonymous Instagram accounts and I came across an article about buying an Instagram account with lots of followers. This is something I would never do because I do not create leads or business through Instagram. That said, I know there are many people that would do almost anything to have 100,000 Instagram followers.

There are plenty of places to buy websites, Twitter accounts, Instagram and Facebook likes and more. Why wouldn’t there be options to buy an Instagram account with lots of followers. In fact, if this is something you are looking for feel free to comment below and I am certain someone will contact you. By doing a few Google search you will likely find some classified listings for people that want to sell their Instagram account.

Personally, I do not think it would be worth the time to build a large Instagram following just to sell it. I feel the same way about Twitter. Most businesses and wealthy individuals recognize that Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have very little value at this time. I get over 5,000 views on each of my Snapchat Stories but it is nearly impossible to get five of these people to simply go to a website.

While buying an Instagram account with a large following or lots of followers is possible I would think twice before shelling out quite a bit of money. From the experiences I have heard, once the account has been converted to a different person it tends to lose a large percentage of these followers. That should come as no surprise as I am certain many of them were fake from the beginning.

The best value for anything Internet related is building out a strong website. There are many businesses that will be willing to buy a website but most are not going to buy an Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat account. Also remember that Instagram and Facebook have been known to publish like numbers that are a little bit lofty.

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