How Can You Find Out Where Vines Are Embedded?

Over the last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed using Vine. I know, I know. Many people are going to say, “Does anyone still use that?” Absolutely! There are some very talented people on Vine. You would be shocked at how funny these people are. If that doesn’t lure you in, the fact that Vine videos automatically repeat should be enough to keep your interest. As one of my good friends once said, “Vine was made for golf.” Some of my best and most viral Vines have been golf swings or funny golf shots.

One of the biggest struggles when watching YouTube golf videos is having to pause and repeat. Vine does it for you automatically. Here is an example:

If you were watching this video on YouTube you would have to hit repeat over and over and over. I have said for two years that YouTube needs to create a YouTube Short section for those that want to upload videos under 10 seconds. There are millions of Internet users that want to see short videos as we have seen from the success of Vine and Instagram videos.

Today, when looking at the total number of loops of my videos I noticed a few of my videos received over 1500 loops. There is absolutely no way my small Twitter and Vine following did this alone. These Vines had to be shared or retweeted by bigger Twitter accounts or they had to be embedded on a popular website. My guess is the latter.

With that in mind, I can only assume many others are asking how to find out which websites have embedded their vines. Unfortunately, in November 2014, it does not look like there is a way to find out which websites have embedded a specific Vine video. After doing a little bit of plugging around I found out that you can see the number of times a Vine has been tweeted. If you go to the specific URL of the Vine you will see the Twitter bird to the left of the Vine. The best way to see who has retweeted the Vine is to copy that URL and paste it in Twitter search. If you are looking to see where that particular Vine is embedded on the Internet you can Google search the URL and find out where it is. 

One of the reasons my Vines get so many views is because major golf Twitter accounts are sharing them. There are only a handful of people actually using Vine for sports and I happen to be one of them. At this point, there isn’t all that much value other than getting a little bit of recognition. I am not going to quit my job to try and become Vine famous. There is also little SEO value for those wondering if it will help them rank in Google search.

All that said, I think one of the reasons for my success on Vine is I am not afraid to video stupid antics. I am not self conscience and I really don’t care if other people think I am a terrible golfer.I would say that most people that play amateur golf cannot say the same. If you enjoy golf, you can find some of the best Vines here: Funniest Golf Vine Videos. Here are some of my more successful golf Vines for those interested:

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