Can People I Haven’t Added See My Snapchat Score?

Snapchat has become a very touchy subject for many of its users lately. With the removal of “best friends” and the changes made over the last few months some are not happy with the direction of the app. All that said, there is still more activity now than ever. Something that often gets asked is, “can people I haven’t added see my Snapchat score?”

The answer is no. The only people that can see your Snapchat score are those that you have added. This is a little different for celebrity accounts as I know I can see the total score for Audi and other companies but I cannot see the score of people that I add that have not added me back. Below is what the main screen of Snapchat looks like so you can view your own Snapchat score:


One reason the Snapchat Score can caused drama is it tells those following you how active you have been. If you tend to send naughty pictures to someone they likely know you are going to do that for other people as well. If they have not been receiving snaps yet your Snapchat score is going up you can imagine they are thinking you are sending inappropriate pictures to other guys or girls.

In fact, I know several couples that have broken up because of the Snapchat Score. One of the girls found out that a guy’s Snapchat score was increasing by about 300 points every single day yet she was receiving no snaps. She later found out that he was sending hundreds of snaps to other girls throughout the entire day. This shouldn’t come as a shock for someone that has a very high Snapchat score. I have actually seen some users that have a score well over 100,000 which is completely nuts to me.

If you want to avoid the Snapchat drama either stay off the app or stay faithful to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are sending snaps to tons of girls and guys you are likely going to cause problems in your relationship sometime in the near future. Keep it all PG or PG-13 and be faithful to the one you love. Have you been through any Snapchat drama because of the Snapchat score? I would love to hear your story. Please feel free to change the names and leave the story in the comments below.

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no…not true.. you dont need to be a celebrity/companie to have people seeing your snaps… if you go through your settings and in manage you select the option”everyone” to who can see your snaps instead of friends, anyone who adds you will see them. The only diffrence with companies and celebrities os that thry get help with getting their usernames for exemple rihanna joining snapchat ladt year and still getting her name


I cannot see one person on my snapchat score, but we are friends and sending eachother snaps… Why?


Same thing here we send each other snaps and im able to see hes snaps but cant see hes score or he hasnt view my snaps ? Hes not my friend?


Can I see someone else’s score if they’ve added me but I haven’t added them back?