Can I See the Emojis or Icons for Other Snapchat Users?

On April 6th, 2015 Snapchat changed completely. Without any notice to their users, Snapchat updated their app with a brand new type of best friends. We now have emoji Snapchat best friends. After playing around with this for around 24 hours there are some things that are going to irk Snapchat users. First of all, you cannot see the emojis for any other users. This means if you want to see the gold heart, smirk or smiley faces for your boyfriend or girlfriend you are going to have to pick up their phone and look at their Snapchat.

The other issue that has already come up is the inconsistencies with the numbers of the fire icon and the emojis not really being spot on. Some boyfriends and girlfriends have commented that their significant others do not have a gold heart yet that is the person they snap the most. This is going to be an interesting development moving forward as I can already see plenty of relationships having problems because of the emojis and icons on Snapchat.

If you are looking for the emojis or icons for other Snapchat users you are going to have to user their phone. Some people may try to come up with hacks or backdoor methods to get into the emojis of other users but that is not possible as of early April 2015. If you feel insecure about your girlfriend or boyfriend using Snapchat because their gold heart and emojis do not reflect what they are saying it might be time to sit down and have a heart to heart, no pun intended. If you are trying to see the emojis for other users that is going to be difficult unless you can convince them to give you their iPhone or Android phone.

Have you had any drama with the newest Snapchat update? Did you find your boyfriend or girlfriend has emojis that are not the same as yours?

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