Can You View Other Colleges and Universities on Yik Yak?

Over the last several days I have played around with Yik Yak quite a bit. Partly because I want to research the latest social media app on college campuses and partly because I think it is hilarious. One of the first things I noticed about Yik Yak is that the users vote only the best “yaks” to the hot section. Trust me when I tell you that they will make you laugh. The limitation to Yik Yak is that you can only see the closest 500 people “yakking” near you. If you are in the middle of nowhere you will likely find that the latest yak was several days, or even months, ago.

Many of my friends throughout the country have asked me, “Can you view other colleges and universities on Yik Yak?” The answer is yes. This is something that is sure to get more popular as the app gains steam heading deep into the college football and college basketball seasons. Here is what I know so far.

The Peek Tab on Yik Yak

After logging in to Yik Yak on an Android or iPhone there will be tabs available. The tabs include Home, Peek, Me and More. By selecting the Peek tab you will see something that looks like this:


Notice at the bottom of the screen you will see Other. This is where all the college and universities will show up. When I first started using Yik Yak in March and April of 2014 there were just a handful of universities on this list. In fact, it was quite lacking. It was obvious that Yik Yak started in the southeast as most of the schools were UNC schools or in North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia. I have since learned that the creators were from Furman so that makes sense.

Below is what it will look like as you are scrolling through the universities:


There are only a handful of major universities and college that are not on this list – Arizona State University being one of them. In fact, it is 10 times bigger than the list that showed up only a few months ago. Some of the college and universities are not all that active but they still have a tab. You can click the tab and go to the newest yaks or the hot yaks. Something I noticed during the South Carolina vs Texas A&M football game recently is that you cannot swipe down to get instant updates when you are not at that university. That is something you can do if you are within a few miles of the universities.

If you want to continue to see the new updates at another university you have to click back to the peek menu and select that university. This is something that is very clunky and I personally think it should be changed. During college football games I want Yik Yak to be my second screen. I would much rather see yaks from students and fans at the game rather than tweets from people all across the United States. This is something that is going to set Yik Yak apart tremendously.

I personally feel as if college sports fans will eat up the live interaction. During the South Carolina vs Texas A&M game students were reporting the things they were seeing in the stands such as a unique dress a girl was wearing or the first person to pass out in the first quarter. The tailgating yaks were hilarious as well. I will be checking out the yaks during the UNC vs Liberty game tomorrow and I have a good feeling it will give me a few laughs.

If you want to check out the UNC vs Liberty yaks or yaks from any of the major universities around the country during a college football game download the Yik Yak app and click on the Peek tab. You will be able to see the newest yaks and the hot or most popular yaks. The yaks with the higher number besides them will help the user that submitted it accumulate more Yakarma. Note that you cannot vote on any yaks not in your immediate area.

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[…] Peeking at other bulletin boards allows users to see the current, to-the-minute bulletin board of other colleges and universities, which is really intriguing. This feature allows users to witness the popularity of the app at others schools (some yaks at Alabama had a shelf life of mere minutes before new yaks replaced them; popular yaks were getting upwards of 50 ups per minute). The peek feature Is also interesting to see how certain schools and their boards respond to localized and national news. […]