How to Change the People in Your Bitmoji Story on Snapchat

Bitmoji Stories have gotten very popular on Snapchat in the last few days. If you have updated your app, you have likely seen the Bitmoji story with your Bitmoji and the people you talk to the most. One of the latest stories is about going to a party with the guy or girl you have talked to the most on Snapchat. You may find that your girlfriend or boyfriend is not this person. This is sure to cause all kinds of drama.

If you are in a Bitmoji story with another girl or another boy and your significant other watches it, it clearly shows you are talking to someone else more; potentially cheating. So, is there a way to change the people or person in a Bitmoji Story? As of right now, it does not look like you have the ability to edit your Bitmoji story in any way. This is very unfortunate as it is sure to cause a lot of stress to those that talk to many boys and girls.

Have you seen a Bitmoji Story that is with someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend? Did you try to delete it? Did you hide it or mute it?

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I’ve figured out how to change who’s in your story. Choose any friend you want to take the place of the other friend and send them a few private chats on SnapChat. They don’t even have to respond. Just message that person a few times and wait for a bit. In about 30 minutes to an hour (sometimes immediately), the person will change to whomever you were last chatting with (regardless of whether or not they respond). I tested it a second time after reading this article and it works.

Bitmoji hustler
Bitmoji hustler

I don’t even know whose in my Bitmoji story. It’s def not the person whom I talk to the most. It’s very annoying that I can’t change the person who appears with me—especially since the story lines change so much.