Chloe Ayling Snapchat Story About Model Being Kidnapped

It is crazy to see what Snapchat is publishing for the world to see these days. An app that is “acceptable” for ages 12+ has a story of a model, Chloe Ayling, who was captured and used as a sex slave. Throughout the article, there are very inappropriate pictures of Miss Ayling including one in which she is topless and wearing a red gstring. He breasts are not showing, but everything else is. There is another photo of her in a one piece that also shows almost everything.

So, has Snapchat taken it too far with these stories? Are young boys and young girls screenshotting these pictures and trying to emulate them? Is it now the case that young boys expect young girls to wear a gstring all the time?

It will be interesting to see how Snapchat moves forward as some of these stories have gone too far. This is going to make it extremely difficult for advertisers to spend money on their app.

What did you think about the Chloe Ayling Daily Mail article? Did Snapchat take it too far by sharing the sex stories and the pictures?

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