Are More Churches Building Websites and Social Profiles?

When people first started to use the internet back in the day, most churches did not have a website. Also, when social media initially became popular, social media profiles for churches were not common.

However, times have changed and more and more churches have jumped on the website and social media bandwagon. So, why are websites and social media profiles so important for churches? Keep reading to find out.


Imagine you’ve just moved to your local area and are looking for a church to join. What is the first thing you do to find one? The answer is more than likely “use Google.” If you search for churches in your area and come across two that are within 10 minutes from your house, you’ll probably choose the one with the website. Many would be shocked to know that even Pastors and owners of churches are using Google to search for things like “church pews“.

The church with the website will probably have a lot of information on their site that will give you an idea of what kind of church they are and what you can expect if you attend services and other events on a regular basis. It can be difficult to determine if a church is a good fit if they don’t have a website that paints a picture about its mission, values, and how they approach religion.

Social Media Profiles

If you currently go to a church, you likely follow their social media pages so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest happenings. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a church to join and you find one with a robust social media presence, you may choose them over one that’s not on social media at all.

Churches who use social media often post content that educates and intrigues their current members and attracts new ones. As a church, you may post social media content such as:

  • Quotes from your pastor.
  • Inspiration from the bible.
  • Questions or polls.
  • Virtual tours of your facility.
  • Information about holiday services.
  • Details about your history.
  • Photos from events.
  • Upcoming event promotions.
  • Pastor interviews.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to social media content for your church. Just put yourself in the shoes of current and prospective church goers and think about what they want to read and see.

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