Cinderella Syndrome Caused by Instagram Hashtag #OOTD

While listening to the audiobook Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas I was complex of Cinderella Syndrome. Thomas explains that young women on Instagram had the fear of being seen in an outfit more than once which causes Cinderella Syndrome. Instead of being caught wearing the same outfit, Instagram users are buying clothes, wearing them for “the gram” and then taking them back or sending them back. With dozens of clothing box retailers popping up every single month, this is not difficult to do.

What is interesting is the fact that these Instagram users aren’t wearing their “Outfit of the Day” longer than a few minutes to take a photo for Instagram. Because of these, retailers and fashion houses are greatly struggling with a return rate as high as 55%.

It is hard to see Instagram’s popularity coming to an end anytime soon. Does this mean that Fashion Delivery box retailers like Stitch Fix, DailyLook and Rent the Runaway are going to struggle to survive?

Have you noticed young women that you follow making sure they are not seen in the same outfit twice on Instagram? Is this trend going to continue or will we see Instagram users relax and post less than perfect outfit pictures to their feed?

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