How to Close Running Apps on the iPhone X

If you have recently purchased an iPhone X and you are wondering if all the apps you opened are running, the answer is yes. Unlike the iPhone 7 and 8 where you can double click the home button to see what apps are running, there is no home button on the iPhone X. You are probably wondering how you can see which apps are open and how to close them.

To see which apps are running you will swipe up but hold your thumb down on the screen. To open your phone and get rid of apps, you will swipe up and let go. To see the apps running, swipe up and hold the screen. If you then want to close the apps that are running you will need to hold your thumb on the screen until you see the little red minus circle on the upper left of the application.

Did you have trouble figuring out which apps are running? Did you know how to close apps?

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