Clover Dating App Ad on Snapchat

It is interesting to see just how many “dating” and “find friends” app ads are showing up on Snapchat in late 2019. We know that millions of teenagers and college students are on Snapchat watching their friend’s stories, but are they really looking for another app to find friends? One of the latest to spend the big bucks on an ad is the Clover Dating App. This is what the ad looks like:

Their slogan is “Stop Swiping, Start Dating”. As with all the Snapchat ads that show up in between stories, you can swipe up to find out more. When you swipe up with this particular ad, it sends you to the App Store s you can download the Clover Dating App.

Have you seen this ad on Snapchat between your stories? Did you download it and try it out? Let us know your thoughts on this new dating app if you have tried it.

It looks like more people want to know who the girl in the ad is more than any information on the actual product.

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