Coach John Calipari Snapchat QR Code and Name

John Calipari is at the forefront of all social media – especially when it comes to college basketball coaches. Any UK fan will tell you that Coach Cal has opened his program for the world to see. His Twitter account has been one of the most followed in the sports industry for years. Now that Snapchat is the popular app for high school and college students, it makes sense that Coach Cal will be on Snapchat in the near future.

As of March 2016, Coach Calipari does not have an official Snapchat account. That does not mean his team is not playing around with the idea. Most coaches that are in the spotlight want to better understand how an app works before deciding to jump into the ecosystem. We would be shocked if Coach Calipari did not have a Snapchat account to start the 2016 season.

With almost every single college student in America on Snapchat it would be the prime location for UK basketball to show behind the scenes videos. It would also be a great way for Coach Cal to get his “message” out to both fans and recruits. Trust me when we tell you that every high school basketball player in America is currently on Snapchat.

What makes Snapchat great is the fact that recruits can follow Coach Calipari but they do not have to let him see what they are sharing on their Snapchat stories. This is much different than Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat users have the opportunity to share to public or share privately. The share privately option is the most used option on the app.

As soon as John Calipari’s Snapchat name has become official we will post the QR code on this page.

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