Are There College Students Without Snapchat in 2016/2017?

Although they may be the minority, there are definitely students without Snapchat in 2016, even a few without smartphones. There are many who go through phases of social media, being very involved with one social media form one week, then deleting it the next. I have deleted all of my accounts on every app at least once, but not all at the same time.

One week maybe I’ll decide that twitter is too stressful, or Facebook is meaningless, or that Snapchat sucks a little life out of me with every selfie I take. Most teenagers experience some form of this ambivalence at one point or another, and this is what generates ideas for new apps and projects. There are even those who must delete their Snap account when pledging a sorority or fraternity.

But are there students who have never had Snapchat? Of course there are, but I can’t name any. If one brave soul has been strong enough to fight society’s pushes and temptations towards downloading the selfie loving app, I have to say, they are much stronger than I am.

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