ColourPop Cosmetics – Is It Worth the Hype?!

In 2014, ColourPop cosmetics of was founded in the City of Angels by Seed Beauty. Since their launch, they have become worth over $2.2 million dollars. They are not only a phenomenal cosmetic company with beautiful products, they’re a company which is cruelty free. Plus, their products are not ridiculously priced!

As a girl who loves everything beauty, as soon as I heard about ColourPop, I hopped on the band wagon and bought a few of their products to see if they were worth the hype…and let me just tell you, they most definitely are. Their Ultra Matte lip products are exactly what they claim to be. The formula is smooth and buttery…it doesn’t flake OR feather, either! They have a variety of around 43 matte lip products for you to choose from. And, I would tell you my favorite, but they are all so great that it is hard for me to choose just one.

Their eyeshadows are just as amazing as their lip products. They are more than extremely pigmented, they do not crease, they have an amazing payoff on the lid, and if you can make them last this long, they have a life span of about three years. Since they have so many different colors, again, it is hard for me to choose a favorite, but I would probably have to go with the more neutral shimmer/browns and the matte shades. Not because I do not like the brighter shades, just a personal preference.

I recommend ColourPop Cosmetics to anyone that asks’ me about my makeup choices. I can truthfully tell you that ColourPop is in the top 5 of my favorite cosmetic brands. They are cruelty free, offer gluten free AND vegan options, and they are just all together an amazing brand that deserves to be a staple in every girls and every guys, makeup collection.

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