The Decline of Facebook Search Users and Activity

In this resource I will document the decline in Google searches related to the word “Facebook”. For quite some time I have predicted that a company’s growth is only as good as those searching for related keywords. I have invested this way for quite some time and have done very well. I noticed a glaring problem with Facebook over the last few months and it is illustrated below. Note that Facebook Likes have little to no effect on SEO so some find it a very invaluable network.


This are not getting better for Facebook. If you look at year over year decline the line is getting steeper. This will level out in the next few months but as of December 2013 the year over year search decline is 22%. That means 22% less searches are being made related to the keyword “Facebook”. While some will debate this does not matter I truly believe it does. If things do not turn around quick Facebook may lose out on an entire generation.

I think most of us can agree that the under 18 crowd has no interest in Facebook. Most of them are apathetic. They would rather be on other social networks so their parents cannot check up on them. One of those social networks is Instagram which is owned by Facebook but Snapchat and Tumblr own a large part of that market as well. As the year progresses I will continue to update this resource.

The following chart shows the year over year decline of Facebook related searches. Facebook was growing over a 20% clip for several months and recently something has happened to cause that growth to fall off the face of the earth. It might be the popularity of SnapChat. It might be the fact that the younger crowd is more interested in Instagram and other social networks. Whatever it is, it has caused the searches for Facebook to plummet. I will continue to monitor these stats as we move forward.

Notice how the search growth for Facebook related keywords drops off a cliff in the last few months. As I track November I can assure you it is getting no better. Make sure to check back in to see how things progress over time.

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Cliff Tillery

First, thank you for putting this information out there. I think it’s intuitive that younger Facebook users might be moving away from anything where Mom and Dad can be watching. I wonder though how the fact that so many searches are now done on phones plays into this? The fact that many people have Facebook already logged into their phones through the app seems to me like it would naturally mean they are searching for Facebook less on search engines. This could account for at least some of the drop off (maybe). Basically, this would indicate that Facebook is established… Read more »


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