If He Deletes Me From Snapchat, Is Our Relationship Over?

A decade ago, relationship status on Facebook was the way in which many couples knew if they were in good standing. We all remember the “it’s complicated” status. Today, it is the Snapchat Ghost and Snapchat Best Friends. If you are really worried someone is breaking up with you, you may find that they delete you from Snapchat; or, even worse, block you.

If you are trying to figure out if your boyfriend is going to break up with you, one of the first places you will likely look is on Snapchat. If you noticed he has a ton of Snapchat stories with other girls, you may be getting dumped sooner than later. One day, you may wake up and find that you can no longer see his stories. You know for a fact that he posted a story last night so you should be able to see it.

After asking other friends if his story is still up, you realize he either deleted you or blocked you. Does this mean its over? Why didn’t he call or text to tell you that his feelings have changed? Is it time to find a new boyfriend now that you two are no longer friends on Snapchat?

If he deleted you, did you lost your Snapchat streak? Is the red heart gone? The smile emoji has disappeared? These are all heartbreaking realities that he has moved on.

Rather than going crazy over Snapchat, pick up the phone, call him and have an adult discussion about your relationship. This is the only way you will truly know how he feels.

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