Dentists Embrace Video on TikTok and YouTube

Heading into 2021 more and more dental and orthodontic offices are embracing the content form of video. In the past, most dental offices paid a design company to create a website and left it as it was for many years and possibly decades. Now, dental and orthodontics offices know they need to reach out to their current and future patients in a much more visual way. The best and easiest way to do this is to use TikTok or YouTube.

There was a time in which a dental office could simply rank for family dentist in Garner NC on Google search and they could put it on cruise control. With Google Algorithms demanding much more out of small businesses these days, dental offices much do much more than simply build a website and “let the patients come”. An effective way to increase one’s exposure online is to produce high quality and useful videos.

When YouTube and TikTok first gained in popularity, it was funny and quirky videos. As the platforms age, more and more people use these social media outlets to get information and potentially choose a dentist or orthodontist. With almost every teenage girl in America on TikTok, it stands to reason they would tell mom and dad about a Raleigh, NC orthodontist that is posting fun and informative TikTok videos that their friends have liked and commented on.

This does not mean that healthcare professionals need to spend three hours a day working on videos for their practice. There are much more important tasks such as oral health procedures. With YouTube and TikTok offering apps for the iPhone and Android phones it is very easy to upload short videos in the matter of seconds. It would be wise to understand branding and overall message before posting a TikTok or YouTube video but once that has been confirmed, it is not hard to post videos on a consistent basis.

It will be interesting to see just how many dentists and orthodontists jump on the bandwagon of TikTok and YouTube in 2021 when they see their competitors getting active on the respective platform. While ranking for Wilmington, NC dentist on Google never hurts when it comes to growing a practice, there are many more opportunities with word of mouth referrals through video apps like TikTok and YouTube.

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