What is the Difference in the Orange and White Roads on the Snapchat Map?

During fall 2018, Snapchat changed their map to a Thanksgiving/Fall theme. There are falling leaves and the colors are light brown, orange or light green. If you look at the Snapchat Map you will notice that many of the roads are orange or brown while others are white. What is interesting is the fact that some of the roads are orange and turn white and vice versa. Some are wondering what this means and if this indicates traffic.

At this point, Snapchat has not explained the difference in the orange and white roads. It seems to be the case that the orange roads are the more highly travelled roads such as interstates and main highways. The white roads look to be side streets and other roads that are not as highly trafficked. Did you notice a road that is both white and orange. Do you think they orange roads are the roads or streets with more traffic?

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