DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Through the Journey of More Success Snapchat Filter

DJ Khaled is taking a bus trip from Miami to Las Vegas starting tomorrow, December 29th, 2015. This is sure to be quite the ride as he will document each and every step along the way on Snapchat. He even has his own filter for the journey. The filter looks to only be available to him at this point as I have not been able to find anyone that has used it. That said, Snapchat may be waiting for DJ Khaled to start his journey before they release the filter to the public.

Here is what the filter looks like:

dj-khaled-lion-ride-wit-me-filter dj-khaled-ride-wit-me-snapchat-filter

Over the next few days millions will be searching how to use and how to find this filter. As soon as I learn more I will be sure to keep you posted. At this point it does not look as if everyone is going to have access to this “We the Best” Snapchat filter.

Is this a filter you would want to use?

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