How Do I Not Snapchat Her Back Immediately When She Snaps Me?

One of the most common mistakes that most guys make when trying to get a girl’s attention is to always be available. While this is a great quality to have in a long term relationship, it often scares girls away early on. It makes absolutely no sense, but girls want what they can’t have. This means, when she Snaps you and you immediately Snap back you are no longer interesting to her. She wants the guy that pushes her to the back burner and is not available when she needs someone to talk to.

Note that this is not the way to act in a long term relationship. If your girlfriend, fiance or wife needs someone to talk to you would be smart to talk to them when they need you. That said, if you are just now starting to talk to a girl or have a crush on someone you absolutely should not Snapchat them back as soon as they Snapchat you. In fact, you should make it a rule to not Snapchat them back for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

You need to be busy. You are a much more interesting person if you are busy and are not always available. The more you are available, the less she is going to want you. So, how can you not immediately Snap her back when she has sent you a sexy or seductive picture or video?

The easiest way to do this is to not look at the picture. No matter how badly you want to see her sexy body, it can wait. You need will power. Make a concerted effort to keep yourself busy rather than always checking Snapchat, Instagram and your text messages. You may want to implement a rule. Something like you can only respond to a Snapchat during certain hours or when you are about to be very busy.

If you know you are about to go into class or will not have your iPhone for several hours, Snapchat them at that point and they will go crazy knowing you are not available. This is a very good way to make certain they remain interested in you. Remember, if you want a girl to like you more, just ignore her.

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