Why Doesn’t She Watch My Snapchat Stories But Posts Her Own?

We received an inquiry today asking some specific questions as it pertains to Snapchat. The individual wanted to know why it was the case that a girl was posting Snapchat stories yet she wasn’t looking at his. Can you post to your own stories without having to see other people’s? Is this possible? If you log on to Snapchat, you have to see all your friend’s stories automatically, right?

No, this is not the case. When a user logs in to Snapchat, they have to physically tap on a person’s stories to view that story. There is a very good chance she is uploading her own stories but is not watching yours. Does this mean she doesn’t like you? Does it mean that she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend or hookup buddy? Who knows. What we do know is that Snapchat users do not have to view any stories of their friends if they do not want to.

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