How to Embed Snapchat Stories Everywhere on Your Website

Late in December 2017 a Snap employee memo was leaked that Snapchat was working on “Snapchat Stories Everywhere”. Basically, Snapchat Stories will soon be available for everyone to watch on websites, blogs or other social media outlets. We are not certain, but there might be an opportunity to embed any “public” Snapchat Story to a website. This means you can embed Kylie Jenner’s latest makeup story to your Kylie fan blog.

The difference between Snapchat embeds and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the fact that Snapchat Stories only last 24 hours. This means that the embed code may cause the video to disappear as well. That said, Snapchat may allow users to embed a code that simply updates as soon as a user updates their Snapchat Story. You could have the website which automatically updates my story as soon as I put it on Snapchat.

As soon as Snapchat Stories Everywhere is released to the public, we will post in depth instructions on this page. We will also continue to document this development as we move forward in 2018.

Do you want to embed your Snapchat Story on a website? Do you want to embed other people’s and celebrity’s stories on your blog or fan page?

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