Fayetteville, NC Car Dealership SEO Analysis

Over the years, more and more potential car buyers have started, and completed, their research online. While using their smartphone, computer or tablet, car buyers have much more access to car prices, upgrades and sales information than ever before. The car dealers that have accepted that every buyer is an Internet buyer are doing very well in the information age in which we live. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the car dealerships in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area.

When searching for the generic “Fayetteville, NC car dealership” keyword phrase the following are in the top five on Google Search:

  • Hendrick CJ
  • Crown Dodge Ram
  • Fayetteville Crown Ford
  • Fred Anderson Nissan of Fayetteville
  • Powers Swain Chevrolet

As you will notice, no two automakers of the same vehicle are in the top 5. At number six is Reed Lallier Chevrolet making Chevy the only automaker with two dealerships on the front page. Others in the top 10 include Acura, Toyota and CarMax.

Why is it the case that these five dealerships are on the front page and other dealerships are not? There are a number of reasons but one of the most important factors is the optimization and SEO of their websites. Remember, SEO is a combination of content on the site, links pointing to the site and backend coding. With most dealerships using dealer website providers such as DealerOn, Dealer.com or DealerInspire there is not much that can be changed from a coding perspective. There are some backend management systems that allow webmasters to updated slugs for URLs or change meta descriptions but this is a process and is not easily completed.

Most important is the content on the site and the links pointing back to the site. The reason Fayetteville, NC Chevrolet dealership is Powers Swain is the high quality content being updated to their site along with a strong link portfolio. Building a link portfolio is a task that takes quite a bit of time. Remember, the Google algorithm places a high value on links that are aged versus links that have been created in the last few days or weeks. This means websites with links that are decades old are going to rank higher than websites with links that are weeks and months old.

That does not mean that a car dealerships should stop building links. The links that are created today will age, become more valuable and will ultimately prove to be an important ranking factor in the years to come. Any strong website is going to be getting natural links consistently. There will be months in which more links may point to a website but Google recognizes that any strong business is going to have links that are created over the course to time.

There are a number of strategies when it comes to creating content and obtaining links for a website. If you are a car dealership looking to improve your overall search presence, contact Travis Marshall today at travis@markthomasmedia.com. You may also want to research Fayetteville, North Carolina automotive ad agencies before making your final decision.

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