How to Find Any Snapchat User’s QR Code

Of the last several months I have been shocked how hard it is to find the QR code of another Snapchat user. In fact, I have had to send dozens of emails trying to get QR codes just so I could share my friends and favorite brands on my Snapchat. Heck, I even created a QR code category for this website. With today’s September 2015 update it is now much easier to find the QR code of any Snapchat user. Well, it comes with a catch.

If you want to see the Snapchat QR code of another user they have to be following you. You do not have to follow them but they have to follow you. I tried this with some big brands and it did not work. Go to your private Snap screen. Click on send message and attempt to send a message. The screen will look like this:


At the top left of your chat you will see three light green lines. If you click the three lines on the upper left this is what you will see:


This is basically a user profile for anyone you are chatting with. You can even see their selfie ghost is they have one in their QR code. Try this out the next time you want to share someone’s QR Code; it should be very useful.

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Snapchat worked on nexus 5 but don’t on nexus 5x

Coll to chill

I hate Snapchat because i can’t do the new update