Can I Find a Rich or Wealthy Man on Snapchat

The answer to this question is likely no. Remember, most users on Snapchat are younger than 35. If you are looking for a rich or wealthy man, you are going to have to look in the age bracket above 35. Very few men under 35 have had the opportunity to build wealth. If you think you are going to find a super attractive 26 year old rich guy on social media you are mistaken. Anyone that is younger than 35 and has money has no issues picking up girls.

The best place to find rich or wealthy men is, wait for it, in the real world. Men who are wealthy are successful. That means they spend very little time on social media. They may have a Facebook or Twitter account but they do not use it often. In fact, if they use social media more than a few minutes a week they aren’t going to be wealthy or rich.

Rich men do not want to expose their lifestyles to other people. That means they are not going to post publicly on any social media network. Very few, if any, older men have Snapchat. They may use Snapchat to potentially cheat on their wife or girlfriend with private pictures but they definitely aren’t publicly posting their Snapchat names. Trust me.

So, when looking for a rich guy, go to country clubs, high class sporting events, broadway musicals and private parties. To gain access to these types of events, you are going to have to meet people in real life. My suggestion is to pick up golf, tennis and musicals. You will bump into successful men and women there. You may also consider going to these types of events with friends as two hot girls are always more attractive than one.

If you have other questions about finding a rich or wealthy guy feel free to email me at

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