Why Are Fortnight and PlayerUnknown Battleground Survival Video Games So Popular?

With all the Snapchat stories and posts about it, Fortnight and PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds (PUBG) seem to be what everyone is playing. Both games have been a huge hit, and have over 30 million player counts. In case you aren’t in the loop, let me fill you in.

Both Fortnite and PUBG are battle royal games which uses exploration and scavenging elements to create a survival game. The two of them have had great reviews, and many fans are very happy. The graphics on both of the game platforms run smoothly, and have consistent movements throughout the gameplay.

A major difference between these two games is the look of the game; Fortnite is a cartoony style and PUBG is more of a realistic one. PUBG has a variety of guns, effects and map features such as weather effects. Fortnite, on the other hand, only has one map and limited selection of weapons. This is not a downfall, although it can get boring, but it is just the players preference.

PUBG was released in December, only about a month ago, and it has already sold over 20 million units on steam. It is likely that these numbers will continue to rise, but the success is not just shown through the sales numbers, concurrent players are also becoming attracted.

The two games are so popular because they are simply fun to play. PUBG keeps the players interested with all of its variety and changes that happen throughout the game. In playing and watching the game, there are still always surprises. As mentioned Fortnite has only one map to play on, but the map is interactive. Players can build objects around them to help them survive in the game.

These two games are only showing the beginning of their popularity, and look as if there is only growth ahead for them. Check out steam for a free download and leave us your review. Why do you think these games are so popular, and which one do you prefer?

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