Can My Friends See Snapchat Charms?

Snapchat Charms came out a few months ago and they are causing many relationship issues. The most common Charms are “In Touch”, “Snap Masters”, “Founders Club” and “BFs”. If you are trying to hide your Snapchat relationship with someone, Charms will out you quickly. We have been contacted by a number of girlfriends and boyfriends wanting to know more about these charms.

One of the most common questions is “Can my friends see the Snapchat Charms of other people?” The answer is no. Charms are private to a Snapchat account. This means the only way someone can see your Snapchat Charms is to be using your Snapchat and View Friendship.

There are also no ways to make Charms disappear. If you are worried your boyfriend or girlfriend will see that you are BFs with someone or you have been “In Touch” with them, it would be highly recommended to not let them look at the friendships you have on Snapchat.

What do you think about Snapchat Charms? Are they causing relationship drama? Are you worried about your boyfriend or girlfriend finding out that you have been talking to another boy, girl or ex? Do you want the ability to delete Charms or hide them?

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