Why Do Girls/Females Use and Love Snapchat So Much?

Snapchat is the popular mobile application that allows users to send pictures and videos to a controlled list of contacts. Pictures and videos that are sent through Snapchat will fade away after a few seconds of a person viewing them.

It’s no surprise of that a report was published by Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel stating that over 70 percent of Snapchat users are women. What makes this app such a hit among the female population? For starters, most women are huge advocates of texting and Snapchat takes texting a whole new level. Instead of texting a friend or a significant other about your day, Snapchat allows you to show them exactly what you’re doing and how your day is going.

For single ladies, Snapchat is a great resource. It allows them to browse through Snapchat profiles of other singles or communicate with potential dating prospects in a fun, unique way. Single women also appreciate the block feature on Snapchat because it makes it easy for them to stop conversing with men they are no longer interested in.

Women also tend to embrace creativity more than men. Snapchat is the ideal social media outlet for creativity because it allows women to take pictures and videos of just about anything or anyone, add special text, use emojis, play with filters, draw on pictures, and so much more. Facebook and other social media platforms do not make it as easy for females to get artsy and think out-of-the-box.

Snapchat is also more private than Facebook and Instagram. Many women feel judged on some social media outlets and enjoy Snapchat because it gives them the opportunity to truly express themselves without worrying about what other people will think of them. Since women have control over who their Snapchats are sent to, they can only choose to send pictures and videos to those they care about and actually want to share their thoughts with.

Lastly, unlike men, women like to take pictures of themselves when they are all dolled up, feeling pretty, or just having a good hair day. When these selfies get posted on other forms of social media, it’s common for women to be called cocky or narcissistic. Due to the setup and more private nature of the app, this is less likely to happen on Snapchat.

Are you a lady who can’t get enough of Snapchat? If so, tell us why you love the app so much in the comments below!

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Will Baldene

Girls use Snapchat wayyyy to much. It wastes their little lives, qute funny tbf. I know about 12 girls who have sent and received a total of a flipping million photos

Will Baldene

I agree Will <3


What about when my girlfriend posts quite a bit of selfies on Snapchat.. why do you think that is?