Why Aren’t Girls on Snapchat on Thursday Night, December 29th, 2016

Starting at 8:00 or 8:30 pm est, middle school and high school girls are banding together on a chain link text that says we are going to get off of social media, including Snapchat, for a certain amount of hours to freak out the boys. Turn off your phones so the boys won’t know where we are.

So, are girls really not on Snapchat on Thursday Night? Have you sent a private Snap text or video and not gotten a response? Has this frustrated you because your girlfriend or crush hasn’t responded to you on Thursday?

Is it really possible that middle school and high school girls can be off of Snapchat and social media for the entire night? Can they stay off for several hours? Have you been able to contact your girlfriend via a telephone call or FaceTime?

Are boys saying, “Where are all the girls and where did they go?”

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