Does Google Analytics Track Instagram Stories Traffic?

For quite some time, many have wondered if Google could traffic that came from stories on apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. When these apps first released stories, the traffic was tracked as “direct”. To this day, there is still no way to track website traffic that comes from Snapchat Stories. The good news is, you can now see how many clicks com from Instagram stories.

Some have predicted the traffic from “Instagram” on the social traffic tab was actually from Instagram Stories. From the image above, we can see that Instagram traffic and Instagram Stories traffic are tracked separately. Note that it is very difficult to get Instagram users to click on links from Stories which is likely the reason most people do not see any traffic from “Instagram Stories”.

As stated earlier, we know that Snapchat Stories traffic is seen as Direct traffic by Google Analytics. Maybe this will change in the future, but that is not the case as of July 2019.

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