Why Google Plus Collections Cannot Compete with Pinterest

UPDATE: You can share external posts to Google Plus Collections. Before the product went public you could only share your old Google Plus posts into a collection.

I am seeing articles all over the web claiming that Google is going after Pinterest with Google Plus Collections. There is absolutely no chance that this will work. No way! Google should just lay down the $11 billion and purchase Pinterest at its valuation right now. Google Plus Collections won’t even get off the ground and here is why. You can only add your own Google Plus posts to your collection. Yes. That is correct. That means you have to create a Google Plus post and then put it in a collection. You cannot add any outside websites to Google Plus Collections. This makes absolutely no sense at all. Dead on arrival.


Why in the world would Google, an open source company, limit its very few Google Plus users to only “pin” or add collections that are already Google Plus posts? Why in the heck would anyone take the time to do this? Are their any incentives? Are these collections going to rank in search or are they going to be broken URLs in search much like Google Plus posts?

Personally, I will never use Google Plus Collections. This is from a user with over 800,000 Google Plus followers. If Google is going to limit my collections to strictly Google Plus posts I have absolutely zero interest. I share some of my great Deadpool content on Reddit and Imgur. I share my musings and thoughts on Twitter. I share my golf related content on my Wojdylo Golf website. All of these are inaccessible when it comes to new Google Plus Collections. Tell me how this makes sense.

You have absolutely nothing to fear Pinterest. Your valuation will continue to rise and you will get more exposure from this attempt by Google to become more social. If you want to know my thoughts on Pinterest read this blog post – Will Pinterest IPO in 2015?

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Jacob Dix

Well, it isn’t going after Pinterest. Everybody who thinks that hasn’t understood what a Google+ Collection is. It is about nuancing followers on Google+, nuances the stream of your content to cater to different audiences, nuancing how we follow others. From my post on Google+ about them: What Collections Are (Not) Google+ now has a new feature, obviously, called Collections. But what are they and what can you do with them? This post is designed to give some inspiration and tips as to how to use Collections. First off, collections are not the Google+ variation on Pinterest or Flipboard. More… Read more »


I’m going to try it! Pinterest is essential for my business and this could be a cool way to capture a new audience in a similar way. It’s worth a try!


[…] any way that the product can get off the ground. Earlier this year I wrote a blog post explaining why collections will never replace Pinterest. Some have said that communities will replace Reddit. Not a chance. The only people actually using […]