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If you are seeking a Google Search Algorithm expert consultant that can help you rank in the #1 spot for “your” money keyword reach out to me today at I have can help you achieve your search ranking goals.

Over the past seven years I have studied the Google algorithms. I have ranked websites on the front page of search in the legal, financial, medical and retail industries. This has allowed me to better understand how people search and their intent to buy or pick up the phone to seek professional services. Armed with this knowledge I am able to help clients reach their Google search ranking goals. While it is not easy to rank on the front page for Houston DUI Lawyer or Atlanta Mortgage Broker it is possible with the correct strategy.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not understand what it takes to truly optimize a website for Google search. They are often cornered by “SEO Experts” and “Web Design Companies” that claim to know the secret sauce to rank a website. Business owners tread water and potentially lose money for two to five years before they realize their search rankings are not improving. When they decide it is finally time to move on they often find out they are stuck in a multi year contract and cannot get out.

If this has happened to you, you are not alone. Many of my clients contacted after they were getting no results from the “SEO Company” they were working with. If you want to rank in search there are a few very important steps you must take.

Consistent Quality Content

Each and every algorithm update benefits websites that are updated on a consistent basis. While some believe it is just news websites that are seeing their search exposure grow it is bigger than that. Any website that is updated multiple times a day has seen a significant jump in their Google search ranking. Creating content is not as easy as slapping words on a page. Google knows what content has already been created and published to the web. Your job is to find a way to create content that is truly unique and is being published to the Internet for the first time on your website.

For many, it takes getting a team together to make this happen. Copywriters are extremely helpful. I have a team of content writers that help my clients update their websites on a consistent basis. The competition is not doing this and they are only going to fall behind. If you want to work with my team of amazing copywriters feel free to reach out to me at I have monthly packages that will help you publish high quality content on a daily basis.

Links Still Matter

The foundation of the Google algorithm is links. Links provide citations to a website proving its worth. No matter how much the “experts” want to ponder the potential of Google search without links it is never going to happen. That would be like making chocolate cake without chocolate or sweet tea without sugar. Google will always need links to help determine what websites have value. Without links, your business website is never going to rank for competitive keywords.


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That said, you do not need to go out and get hundreds of links from the get go. Remember that not every link is equal. A link from WSJ, Forbes or the NY Times is a lot more valuable than a link from a local food blogger. When building a link portfolio you must come up with a creative strategy to obtain links. Google has repeatedly stated that links must come naturally so keep that in mind.

In every single niche, there is a way to receive natural links. With a little bit of brain storming and some creative thought you too can get a number of quality links that point back to your website. If you would like to better understand how to do this feel free to reach out to me at I can help you come up with a strategy and a plan to get more links to your website so it can rank at the top of Google search.

That’s All Folks!

It really is that easy. There are a few optimization tips and tricks I have when it comes to on site SEO but consistent quality content and links will get you to the promise land. Unfortunately, it is not easy. It takes creativity and a lot of hard work. If you want to demolish your competition and rank on the front page of Google search reach out to me today. I would love to help your business increase revenue in the next six to 12 months. With the proper strategy in place you can outrank your competition and get all the business that is search on Google.


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