Is the Guy I Like Playing Games on Instagram?

We recently wrong a post about liking a photo of a guy you like with another girl. Obviously, this is a game that is being played all over the world right now. Whether you are a sorority girl looking to hook up with a frat guy or a high school freshman with a crush on an upperclassman, there are always games that are being played.

Unfortunately, the fact that you are reading this article means you are giving into his games. The best thing you can do is ignore all games on Instagram, Twitter and other forms of social media. This will likely be very difficult at first but it will get easier over time. The less you are on the social media apps, the easier it will be to ignore posts from all users, including the boy you like.

The less you are available, the more attractive you are. If you are constantly liking his photos, you are way too available. If you never like his photos, he is going to assume you have much better things to do than play his silly games. This will make you a more attractive person and he will likely come after you harder because he knows he is losing at his own game.

Always remember that the person who cares the least in a relationship is the one with the most control. Instead of spending time opening the Instagram app multiple times a day, do something more productive. Find an app where you can read books, discover interesting facts or laugh at silly jokes. Reddit is always a good choice.

Find a way to occupy your time in a better way than playing stupid games on Instagram. You will become a much more attractive person to more than just the guy you like.

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