What Do Guys Hide Snapchats and Texts When They Don’t Matter?

There is a good chance that you have tried to look at your boyfriend or guy friend’s phone and he immediately grabs it back and says not to look at it. He immediately goes into Snapchat and his texts and starts to delete them. You really don’t care what he is texting other people but he is making it quite obvious he has other things going on. Is he potentially cheating? If he would have just let you use his phone you would never even suspected he was cheating.

So, why do guys try to hide things when they don’t even really matter. The main reason for this is guys don’t want girls to get the wrong impression. To the core, most guys do not want to hurt a girl. In any way, shape or form. This means they will hide something they did even if it really isn’t important to a girl. Why do you think guys deny talking to any other girls? You likely don’t even care that he talks to other girls, you simply want to know the truth and let it go after that.

If you think a guy is cheating on you simply because he deletes his Snapchats and texts you might want to think again. It may simply be the case that he doesn’t want to hurt you with what you might see. Even if what you see isn’t bad, it is still something that a guy might feel that you will take the wrong way. Before flipping out on a guy for hiding something or deleting Snapchat messages, texts or videos remember that he probably just doesn’t want to hurt you.

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