The Hidden Feature Of Google Inbox

UPDATE: Google closed Google Inbox on April 2nd, 2019. Please use the GMail app to access your email on your iPhone or Android.

Article by Travis Sheppard

I know the Holiday Season is getting closer, but I was given an early Christmas present by Jesse Wojdylo on Saturday night, in the form of a Google Inbox invitation. My first impressions of Inbox by Gmail, reminded me of traveling to a new country for the first time. You get all excited about the place but don’t know what to see first.

I was following closely to all the articles that where being posted about Inbox, so it didn’t seem to overwhelming to make the switch. But I am sure it will be a smooth transition for most people.

When I first opened Google Inbox I knew this was going to be a game changer for me. I like that my email inbox has become a To-Do List. Even though I have only been using it for 2 days so far, it has completely changed the way I manage my email.

The way Inbox nicely sorts your messages into different bundles such as, Travel, Promos, and Forums just to name a few. Inbox also takes your Gmail folders and turns them into bundles that can be seen in your inbox or not.

Since everything is nice and bundled I am able to manage my email more efficiently. I know some people like to still delete their emails, but for me treating my inbox as a To-Do List and not like a traditional email inbox has reduced the time and energy needed for me to manage my inbox.

Once I have used Google Inbox for more time, I am sure I will be able to get close or even entirely to the beloved Inbox Zero. I think there are two features that will help with this. The first is the new snooze option. This allows me to not lose emails and deal with them at a more convenient time for me.

The second feature is controlling the frequency of your bundles. You now have the ability to show your bundles at a set time. You can have it the traditional way of having it show as soon as the message arrives. But you also have the option of the bundle only showing once a day or once a week as well. I heard about this feature from John Skeats.

If you look at the above picture on the right, you can see that this is a custom bundle that can also be edited.

You can change these setting on both mobile and web versions of Google Inbox. For mobile you need to be in the bundle you want to change. The click the Gear to pull up the bundle options. On the web you click the three lines in the upper left and hover over the bundle and the gear will show up.

This allows me to organize my emails in a more bulk setting then just the snooze option itself. For example I like to go over my finances once a week, with Google Inbox I am able to all my emails involving Finances come in once a we and not clog up my email or having to snooze them.

There are many ways that you could use the bundle frequency feature in Google Inbox. If you haven’t tried it out yet, just click the settings button in the bundle you want to change on your iPhone or Android phone and just play around with the frequency. I think it will help make your life much easier going forward. Have you used this option, please comment below with ways in which you have utilized the frequency of bundles effectively.


Digital Marketing NomadTravis Sheppard is a Digital Nomad who has been traveling full time since November 2013. He mostly writes about affiliate marketing, social media, and traffic generation at Digital Marketing Nomad. You can follow him on Google+

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This feature would be awesome if it weren’t for the fact that The only two options are Daily at 7 am and Weekly on Monday at 7 am. I get plenty of email that I’d like to not see until I get home from work around 6 pm (Daily 6 pm) and also plenty of email that I don’t want to see until the weekend (Either Weekly Friday 6 pm or Weekly Saturday 7 am). Until it gets this (and I really hope that it does) it’s essentially kind of pointless. Here hoping that they change this sooner rather than… Read more »


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